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Jan 6, 2021

Firebag Airport Busing – Loading Plan Update

Starting Monday, January 11, the passenger loading plan on the Firebag Airport buses will be changing. Currently, buses are being loaded back to front, but with the addition of the physical barriers on these buses, it has been noted that on buses with lower passenger counts, there is unnecessary potential close contact.

The new loading plan will require passengers to:

  • Load from back to front, starting on the driver’s side first.
  • Once the driver’s side is full, passengers will begin loading back to front on the passenger side of the bus.
  • Wear your mask or face covering while on bus
  • Sit in window seats only
  • Face forward throughout the trip
  • Watch for indicated 2-metre lines on the floor and keep your feet on the line.


Loading pattern management methods at other Suncor sites are different but equally important to ensure we minimize the impact of a positive case.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

 - Ground Transportation


  • There are no advisories in effect at this time.

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