Commercial Travel

If travelling commercially for Suncor is determined to be business critical, talk to your leader and get approval from your VP.

To book your flight, contact American Express (AMEX) (1-866-444-3922 or AMEX can provide you with corporate rates for flights that you may not be eligible for if you booked directly with airline companies.

  • You will need to show proof of VP approval (e.g. email from VP) at the time of booking.
  • You must have a travel profile when booking with AMEX. Ask your leader for more information.

Travellers must use a credit card to pay for their flight at the time of booking.

  • You can use your corporate Visa credit card to book commercial flights.
  • If you do not have a corporate Visa credit card and would like to apply for one, talk to your leader. It takes approximately two weeks to receive your credit card in the mail.
  • If you are not eligible for a Suncor Visa credit card, you will need to use your company credit card or your personal credit card.
  • If your corporate Visa credit card has been suspended due to inappropriate use, you will require VP approval to re-activate it. Please email for more information.
  • Note for Suncor leaders: You cannot use your corporate Visa credit card to book a commercial flight for someone else on your team. Your Visa credit card provides you with travel insurance, which is not transferable to other Suncor team members.

A confirmation and details of your flight will be emailed from AMEX when your commercial flight booking is completed.

For more information, visit Suncor’s intranet, the Core, and search for “Commercial Travel”, or speak to your leader.