Check-In & Boarding

We recommend travellers arrive at check-in 90 minutes before departure time to ensure they have enough time to check in and complete the required security screening process.

Flight check-in cut-off is 45 minutes before departure. Once check-in closes, you will not be able to board the aircraft.

For check-in you will need to:

  • Show your valid government-issued photo identification
  • Bring proof of your reservation confirmation
  • Ensure your bags are tagged with your proper name and contact information. Your luggage will be tagged and you will receive a boarding pass
  • If you are flying from your home airport and stopping over in Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna or Saskatoon before connecting to Firebag:
    • If you don’t have checked baggage: Proceed directly to the Suncor charter departure gate – check the airport information screens for your assigned gate. Gate check-in is available up to 15 minutes before departure; your boarding pass will be issued by the agent at the gate. You’re not required to go through airport security again.
    • If you have checked baggage: Pick up your baggage at the designated carousel for your incoming flight and then proceed to the check-in counter for your Suncor charter flight. You will be required to proceed through airport security.

Your Suncor identification (ID) badge must be visible at all times while at a Suncor site. Security officers will check for your ID badge when you arrive and depart from the Firebag Aerodrome.

If you’re new to the site, you may show government-issued photo identification (driver’s licence, passport, etc.) to security officers.

For information about arrivals and departures, contact your designated travel coordinator or Travel Services at 1-866-276-7800 Option 3 (after choosing a language).