Transport Canada and Suncor have policies and procedures to provide for the safety and security of all travellers. Travellers who disregard these policies will be denied travel and banned entry to a Suncor site. Illegal activities, including possession of any illegal item, or unsafe or unruly behaviour, will be reported to the authorities (e.g., local police).

Screening and search

Security officers will perform routine random searches of traveller property including carry-on or checked baggage. A search will be conducted should an item of concern be identified as being present in your baggage.

In Edmonton, Suncor travellers have their checked baggage pre-screened at check-in for Suncor restricted items, as well as going through full baggage screening and regular airport security checks as required by CATSA regulations. At all other hubs, Suncor travellers go through full baggage screening and regular airport security checks as required by CATSA regulations.


For the comfort and safety of all travellers, prohibited behaviours are described as, but not limited to:

  • wearing headsets or using electronic devices while walking across the ramp, or when instructed not to do so by a crew member
  • boarding a Suncor flight while not "fit to fly", including being under the influence of drugs or intoxicated.
  • using alcohol or drugs during the flight
  • possessing alcohol on your person or in your carry-on bags/baggage
  • possessing drugs or drug paraphernalia on your person or in your carry-on bags/baggage
  • carrying a weapon or any dangerous item on board a Suncor flight
  • harassing ground crews, flight crews, security officers or other travellers
  • fighting or participating in a confrontation
  • threatening staff or other travellers
  • making jokes about security, bombs or terrorism
  • smoking on the flight (including e-cigarettes) or tampering with smoke detectors
  • ignoring instructions by flight crews, ground crews or security officers
  • vandalizing the aircraft or any Suncor property
  • participating in any illegal activity

Seatbelt extensions are not permitted for use in the emergency exit row due the potential tripping hazard. If you require a seatbelt extension, please notify a flight attendant and they will assist you.


  • Ensure that all prescription and non-prescription medications are kept in their original containers and are clearly labelled as to their contents. In the case of prescription medication, the traveller’s name must be on the container or the traveller must present proof of prescription, as per Suncor’s Medication Standard (CO-S23)
  • We understand that travelling with medication may be required. Travellers will help expedite the screening process by adhering to the medication standard