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Learn about Suncor's current travel screening processes including new temperature screenings and other COVID-19 prevention measures.

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May 5, 2020

Non-medical masks required on Suncor flights

Today, Canada’s Minister of Transport announced new measures requiring all air passengers to have a non-medical mask or face covering to cover their mouth and nose during travel. These measures come into effect at noon EDT on April 20, 2020.

You are encouraged to bring your own mask or face covering if you have one. Suncor will supply charter passengers with one (1) mask per passenger and a paper bag to store the mask for re-use at every fly-in/fly-out (FIFO) hub. These will be distributed in the temperature screening areas in Calgary, Edmonton, and Saskatoon, and at check-in at the Firebag Aerodrome. If you are flying from another location to a Suncor hub, please ensure you have a mask or face covering for your flight(s) to the Suncor hub.

Non-medical masks/ face coverings must be worn while going through CATSA airport security and while on the aircraft. Masks must be worn while enplaning and deplaning. They are not required at check-in or boarding and must be removed during boarding so that gate agents can confirm passenger features with government-issued picture identification.

Non-medical face masks or face coverings should:

  • be made of at least two layers of tightly woven material fabric (such as cotton or linen)
  • be large enough to completely and comfortably cover the nose and mouth without gaping
  • fit securely to the head with ties or ear loops
  • allow for easy breathing
  • be comfortable and not require frequent adjustment
  • be changed as soon as possible if damp or dirty
  • maintain their shape after washing and drying


For example, a double-folded scarf or bandana tied securely behind the head or non-medical mask with ear loops is sufficient. The current Public Health Agency of Canada’s guidance on face coverings is provided for your reference.

Passengers who do not have masks/face coverings or who refuse to use those provided, will be denied boarding to both commercial and charter flights.

Thank you and travel safe,

Suncor Travel Support


  • There are no advisories in effect at this time.

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