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Nov 19, 2020

Route 5 on-site shuttle changes effective Nov. 24

Since March, we have built a better understanding of the risks associated with COVID-19 and how to mitigate those risks.

One of the challenges we’ve been focused on is finding a practical and sustainable solution for managing physical distancing of two (2) metres at the main gate bus staging area and the transfer point.

To alleviate congestion at these high traffic areas, we are going to stage an on-site shuttle route (route 5) at the main gate instead of at the transfer point. We selected route 5 as it is the most used route and will reduce congestion on route 1 and at the transfer point by 30 per cent.

Effective November 24, the following changes will be made:

    • Route 5 will pick up and drop off at the west side of the main gate bus stop (facing Northbound) (see map for details).
    • For drop offs, route 5 will exit site through the delivery gate and re-enter site through the main gate (see map for details). This is necessary to control the volume of traffic and pedestrians in the area and ensure the safety of passengers. There should be no change in travel time.
    • At this time, route 5 will be unable to drop pedestrians off outside of the security gate as there is no safe place to stop and drop off.
    • People who travel to site by lodge shuttle or Diversified coach and then transfer to route 5, will need to take route 1 at the transfer point and then head to the main gate to access route 5.
    • There will be clear lane markings for route 1 and 5 passengers; please stand in the appropriate section and maintain physical distancing while waiting to board the shuttle.
    • There will be no changes to the location of pick up/drop off for route 1; however, route 1 coach overflow service will end and we will stop manually tracking badge numbers for route 1; as the length of the bus ride is less than 15 minutes AHS does not require a passenger manifest in the event there is a confirmed case.

As a reminder, passenger must continue to wear mask or face coverings and follow the loading pattern – load from back to front, fill all rows (shuttles with barriers) or skip every other row (shuttles without barriers), and window seats only.

These changes will help to ensure safety and health of everyone at our sites.

Thank you for your patience and co-operation.



  • There are no advisories in effect at this time.

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